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District GOALS

What are the Cape Elizabeth School Department (CESD) Goals?

Cape Elizabeth School Department (CESD) School Board adopted the "2020-2025 Strategic Plan" on October, 8, 2019. The five goals are: 1. Health and Well-Being Our schools will provide a supportive learning environment in which physical, social, and emotional well-being are valued and promoted. 2. Global Competency Our students will be personally responsible, aware, empathetic, and engaged local and global citizens. 3. Multiple Pathways and Definitions of Success Our schools will value, promote, and celebrate multiple pathways and definitions of success. 4. Safe, Sustainable, and Effective Facilities Our schools will be safe and effective facilities. They will be updated and maintained to meet the needs of students and staff in accordance with long-term financial planning. 5. Environmental Responsibility The school department will prioritize environmental responsibility, including stewardship and sustainability These 5 Goals (see below) were developed by the CESD School Board. However, it is important to note that more than 100 stakeholds were invoved. Link to October 9, 2019 News: "The approved wording was refined by administrators and School Board members during a board retreat Sept. 24.Susana Measelle Hubbs, School Board chair, thanked all who participated in forming the goals. "This comes from contribution and work and hard thinking of a huge number of stakeholders," said Measelle Hubbs. "I want to thank again everybody who participated, it was a huge success and I feel that these five goals truly represent the wishes of everybody there," she said."
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