About "Cape Better Together"
Who owns and runs the Cape Better Together website?


The QUICK answer:

I do. I'm Audra Gore, and I strongly believe Cape Elizabeth is Better when all community members have easy access to information and clear opportunities to work Together!

(but, because that's a bit long: CapeBetterTogether.com )

The LONGER answer:

Welcome to the site!! I'm Audra Gore, a resident of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. This summer (2020) was BIG and I felt out of the loop. I was wishing for information about events and a better understanding of our Town Council and how to participate in vital urgent discussions about diversity, racism, community connection & desired whole town involvement. Our town paper (The Cape Courier) is a wonderful resource, but the "news" in our town was changing faster than anyone could follow. Many community members missed pop-up events and opportunities they genuinely wanted to attend...and that is why I started building the website "Cape Better Together" in mid-July 2020. I imagined it could be a crowd-scoured style dynamic community bulletin board. 

While creating, I realized building the website was a massive undertaking and would take far more time than I could dedicate to make it as dynamic as our community needs. 

The concept of a website that helps our community find information still exists, BUT with a solid PIVOT! 

Last week I decided to run for a seat on our School Board.

I think many of us have been doing some soul searching during 2020. What can we do to support our fellow humans, our neighbors, our Black and Brown families, the children in our community, our teachers, and, and, and...and then I saw that there was still an open seat on our School Board. AND, an official Pivot! 

It is official. I, Audra Gore, will be on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

Back to the owning and running of the website...I bought the website domain this summer. The domain name is still perfect, because it expresses exactly why I decided to run for our school board. Plus, VOTING starts in less than a month!! (early voting starts October 5, 2020) This is how I decided to use (re-purpose) my "Cape Better Together" website to share my excitement, research discoveries, and "campaign journey."


Cape Elizabeth has a fantastic 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. I'd like to continue the work with the school board and see these 5 goals in action and assessing progress. 

Research Discoveries!

I will share links, how-to videos and important community information about Cape Elizabeth.


Campaign Journey!

'Gulp' --->I have never run a campaign, which means it will be fun, scary, exciting, and a learning experience that I am ready to embrace.

Community involvement is at the heart of what makes Cape Elizabeth so special. 


If elected, as a member on our School Board, I will honor our commitment to education, ensure all students have access to academic achievement, continue our much needed conversations about race & diversity, and expand our community involvement with clear open communication.

Cape Better Together.