"Calkins’ changing views could shift the way millions of children are taught to read." 

October 16, 2020


"For decades, schools have taught children the strategies of struggling readers, using a theory about reading that cognitive scientists have repeatedly debunked. And many teachers and parents don't know there's anything wrong with it. Read more and listen."

"Can schools say “dyslexia”? What about terms like “dysgraphia” or “dyscalculia”?


"Can schools say “dyslexia”? What about terms like “dysgraphia” or “dyscalculia”? It’s always been OK for schools to use terms like “dyslexia” in special education evaluations and IEPs. The same is true of “dysgraphia” and “dyscalculia.” And in a 2015 guidance letter, the U.S. Department of Education encouraged states and school systems nationwide to use these terms when appropriate."


Read about the guidance letter:


Read the guidance letter:


"Can schools say “dyslexia”? What about terms like “dysgraphia” or “dyscalculia”? 

Video starts a 24:00 discussing "...acessing education, what does it really mean?"

                                                     "...special education kids are general education kids first..."